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Marshawn Lynch returned to Cal to celebrate his legendary cart-driving moment

It’s good to see this moment get proper recognition.

In their game against the Washington Huskies, Cal celebrated one of the coolest things one of their football players has ever done.

That’s Marshawn Lynch having the time of his life while driving around an injury cart.

In October 2006, then-Cal running back Lynch got on the Bears’ injury cart and decided to take the thing for a spin himself. Audiences far and wide have enjoyed the moment ever since, taking it in as video, GIF, and now bobblehead.

That’s still the coolest thing on record any football player has ever done.

Now, Cal is giving the moment the recognition it deserves. Here’s the makings of a card stunt happening at the Bears’ game against Washington on Saturday:

The Bears are also giving away a bobblehead that depicts Lynch driving the cart.

I’d want that bobblehead on my mantle. You’d want that bobblehead on your mantle. It’s one of the most clever bobbleheads that’s ever bobbled. Cal fans agree, as they’ve lined up in great numbers outside California Memorial Stadium to get one.

Demand’s hot, apparently. From eBay on Saturday evening:

But seriously, is there a happier person on the planet than Marshawn Lynch driving an injury cart? Just look at him!

Little did we know that Cal put a GoPro on the front of the cart and we got this incredible video.