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This is cool: Will Muschamp encourages the Mizzou head coach he just beat

Really great to see.

“The coaching fraternity” is one of those blanket terms that people toss around as a catch-all, but it is very much a thing to those living in it day-to-day. After his team’s 31-21 win Saturday, South Carolina coach Will Muschamp had some really nice words to say to Mizzou’s Barry Odom.

“You’re a hell of a coach, and I know how it is — my year at Florida. Don’t let ‘em get your ass down. Stay fucking positive.”

Muschamp is obviously referring to his 2014 season at Florida. That’s when his tenure came to an end. Personally, I can understand what Muschamp means because I was front and center to all the negativity coming at his UF program from fans and media.

I covered Florida in 2013 and 2014 while a student at UF, and you do see the personal toll it takes on a coach as he tries to keep a sinking ship afloat. Despite what you may think about Muschamp’s decisions across the board, it’s not like the guy was actively coaching his team with the intent to lose games. You can say they make a lot of money, but nobody puts in the man hours or the sheer emotional effort it takes to get a team on the field every Saturday. In short: they’re human.

It didn’t work out at Florida for many reasons, but I believe that Muschamp is a good guy, and the type of dude you’d like to have a beer with. That shows through here.

So far, Odom is 2-7 in his first year as permanent Mizzou coach. The team has also lost five consecutive games. He’s in a tough spot, but as you see in the video above, a coach will always be willing to lend another coach a helping hand.