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Watch Nick Saban mentally process whether he needs to yell at someone in real time

In the end, he realized there was no leaking of information going on.

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Nick Saban runs the tightest ship in college football. So when a reporter asks him a question leading him to believe there may be a leak in his organization, he’s going to have some questions of his own.

The question posed was about center Bradley Bozeman, a talented offensive lineman. A reporter was trying to ask about Bozeman’s consistency. But a flippant reference to the center’s Pro Football Focus grade caught Saban’s ear.

“Where do you get this information from? Do you get the grades every week or how do we know that he’s the highest ... I’m kinda anx— I mean ...”

When the clarification came that it is in fact PFF and not the team’s internal grades for Bozeman that are being referenced, Saban is immediately relieved.

“Oh, so it’s not our grades, it’s somebody else’s grades, right? I just wondered. ... I just wondered where you got your information.”

Fear not, young intern in the Bama personnel department. You won’t get yelled at by the boss — at least not today.