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Watch Verne Lundquist’s emotional goodbye from the booth after his final Army-Navy game

We’ll miss you on Saturdays, Uncle Verne.

After Army’s 21-17 victory over Navy on Saturday, college football fans bade farewell to Verne Lundquist, the man whose face and voice became a tradition on Saturdays in the fall. Verne’s goodbye from the booth following Army-Navy was incredibly touching and emotional.

On Saturday, CBS also remembered the 2012 Army-Navy game, in which Army nearly beat the Midshipmen. Verne talked about how he himself got emotional over Army quarterback Trent Steelman’s disappointment with the tenth-straight Black Knights loss.

Last week, during CBS’s broadcast of the SEC Championship, CBS aired this amazing video tribute celebrating Verne’s 17-year SEC career with the network.

He was visibly emotional during his SEC sign off with Gary Danielson.

I have now cried two consecutive Saturdays in a row thanks to Verne Lundquist. Thank you for being such an important part of this amazing sport, Verne. We will miss you dearly.

If you need some more Verne in your life, read this delightful interview he did a few years ago with our Spencer Hall.