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The Jim Harbaugh Rams rumors are based on one secondhand quote that was later clarified

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Not much to it at this point.

Michigan v Ohio State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Jeff Fisher and his 7-9 bullsh*t are no more in Los Angeles. The Rams fired Fisher and are now in the market for a head coach.

But on Monday morning, before the move became official, a curious rumor popped up.

On Colin Cowherd’s radio show on Dec. 9, Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer came on to talk about the Rams. The segment was about the dysfunction in Los Angeles and how Fisher’s firing seemed imminent. He said nothing about Harbaugh specifically during the segment.

But coming back from a commercial break, Cowherd threw this out into the ether: "By the way, Albert Breer on the way out said that Jim Harbaugh to the Rams rumor is a very real thing.”

Breer clarified it later Sunday morning.

But would Harbaugh actually go back to the NFL?

Back when the former 49ers head coach left the league in 2014, NFL media missed the point about why he really split for Ann Arbor.

Several pundits insisted that he would never leave NFL coaching. They did not understand the lingering pull of Bo [Schembechler, Harbaugh’s former coach and mentor] or Harbaugh's love and loyalty to Michigan. His need to feel wanted. Appreciated. Comfortable. The need for his ego to be stroked and his heart to be touched.

He used to share stories with me at Michigan about how as a youth he kept individual statistics on his batting average in baseball, scoring average in basketball and touchdowns in football. He memorized them. Few peers wanted to play with the pre-teen Harbaugh because of his overwhelming competitiveness and ego. It was at Michigan that Harbaugh learned the soul of Schembechler's chief mantra: THE TEAM, THE TEAM, THE TEAM.

Who knows if the NFL has a different pull just a couple years later, but I imagine that Harbaugh will at least be asked about a potential link to the Rams job, now that it’s out there. NFL media would certainly like the idea of Harbaugh vs. the 49ers twice a year in the NFC West.

At least our Michigan blog is girding its loins for an inevitable tidal wave of takes.

And finally, in the interest of a conspiracy theory, one vocal Rams legend who feuded with Fisher has just followed Harbaugh on Twitter: