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Yup, Clemson’s putting a playground slide in the middle of its football facility

Hey, sure! Slides are fun.

As Clemson’s football team has piled success on top of success in this decade, the Tigers have seen their image improve on the recruiting trail, too. Clemson’s facilities are quite popular, according to a survey we did with top recruits last summer, and construction is underway to make those facilities a lot better.

Specifically, there is this:

Why yes, that is a slide that can transport players from one level of the facility to another. This slide will probably be time-efficient as well as fun, and for that, Clemson deserves some applause for its outside-the-box thinking. It should look pretty cool when it’s completed, which Clemson says will be in January.

This isn’t a new plan. Clemson announced long ago it would build a new football facility, and it released this video this spring with renderings:

There’s an “outdoor village” with sand volleyball and a fireplace. There will be an indoor golf simulator, which is critical, and laser tag, which is equally critical.

There’s a whole mesmerizing presentation about it. It reportedly cost $55 million.

“I am pumped. It is gonna be the epitome of Clemson: fun, special, unique. It’s gonna be the best in the country, without a doubt, and everything in this building is what’s best for our players,” said Clemson coach Dabo Swinney.

A slide is, indeed, good for players. Paying players liquid dollars for their intensive, physically dangerous work would also be good, for what it’s worth.

Building posh new football facilities is a popular thing to do these days.

Oregon unveiled an outrageously cool, beautiful facility in 2013. The school released pictures of amenities such as this barber shop ...


... and this weight room ...


... and this literal hot tub for coaches:


Clemson is following suit on the barber shop idea, but the Tigers are the first program I know of to do the indoor slide. (If you can think of another, do let me know in the comments.)

Alabama also in 2013 showed off a new facility that has things like this players lounge ...

... and this free arcade ...

... and this climate-controlled room for players’ shoes:

Maryland’s currently working on a similarly extravagant facility, with $25 million in state funding guaranteed out of an anticipated total cost of $155 million.

The players are not paid at that school either because money is tight.