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Louisville suspends assistant coach over Wake Forest leak after saying it was no big deal

Wakeyleaks has now claimed a coach at another school.

Friday afternoon is the perfect time for the good, old-fashioned news dump, and you bet Louisville hit us with one involving the Wake Forest game plan leaks story.

Galloway is suspended for the Citrus Bowl, and the ACC could levy additional sanctions whenever the conference’s investigation concludes. Louisville says it’s cooperating.

Galloway is the Cardinals’ assistant who was contacted by former Wake Forest coach and radio host Tommy Elrod in advance of the game between the two teams earlier this season. Galloway and Elrod were co-passing game coordinators at Wake back in 2011 and 2012. Galloway left for West Virginia the next season, while Elrod stayed on until he was not retained when a new coaching staff arrived to Winston-Salem in 2014. Elrod stayed around the program as a radio analyst.

This comes after Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich downplayed the severity of the whole deal with a statement on Wednesday.

On Friday morning, Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson went on ESPN Radio. He said the information that leaked to Galloway (and that Galloway subsequently shared with the Cardinals’ defensive staff) was so serious that the Deacs couldn’t use special packages during the game because Louisville knew them via the leaked plays.

Louisville also continues to uphold the claim that while assistants on both sides of the ball knew about the leaked plays, head coach Bobby Petrino did not.