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The updated Wake Forest leaks tally: 4 teams involved in 5 games

Keeping track of what opponents are saying about what Wake leaked.

A Friday afternoon in December featured two Wakeyleaks newsdumps back-to-back. First, Louisville announced it was suspending the coach who was initially contacted by Wake Forest’s Tommy Elrod. Then, Indiana announced that its probe didn’t find anything, leading it to believe that the Hoosiers received no info from Wake Forest’s reported mole, who was previously a colleague of an Indiana assistant.

This brings our current total to four teams who have directly spoken about their involvement in Wakeyleaks: Wake Forest, plus opponents Louisville, Army, and Virginia Tech, who said they were tipped off to game plan information by Wake radio announcer Elrod. Just fill in Indiana as an “X” here:

Obviously, Louisville is in on the deal since that’s where this all emerged, back at the end of November.

Furthermore, late last week, Louisville’s role took a new turn. CBS released what it says is a text exchange the night before the game between Elrod and Lonnie Galloway, a former colleague of his who’s now a Louisville co-offensive coordinator:

Elrod at 8:37 p.m.: "On way now."

Galloway at 8:48 p.m.: "OK. Sitting by fire pit."

Elrod at 8:59 p.m.: "Outside?"

In connection with the leak, Louisville suspended Galloway for its bowl game. Bobby Petrino, Galloway’s boss and the Cards’ head coach, said he knew nothing.

We know Army was at least contacted by Wake as well, but we previously were waiting on their internal investigation to tell us just what the Black Knights were given. Now, almost a month and a half later, we have our answer.

Army’s investigation found that current Black Knights’ defensive coordinator Jay Bateman and former Assistant Coach Ray McCartney “obtained non-public information.” Bateman will be fined $25,000 and suspended two weeks.

Virginia Tech also announced in December that the Hokies were also contacted by Elrod.

For now, here’s how the schools involved fared against the Demon Deacons during the timespan of the leaks.

We’ll be sure to update this as things evolve or if more teams get added.