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Some moron spray-painted ‘Fail State,’ ‘Go Rebs,’ and more on Mississippi State’s campus

If you’re gonna make people clean up after you, at least do something funny, right?

On Saturday morning, Mississippi State’s football stadium had a new look.

“Fail State” is a play on the school’s “Hail State” motto. “Hotty Toddy” is an Ole Miss cheer. That alone doesn’t prove an Ole Miss fan did this, but whoever did it made sure to use plenty of Rebels language.

“Go Rebs” is obvious. “HYDR” stands for “hell yeah, damn right,” another part of the “Hotty Toddy” cheer.

Officials had no comment so far, according to The Clarion-Ledger.

This isn’t a new thing for college football. Last year, a Michigan dental frat vandalized a Michigan State statue, for example. Yes, a dental frat.

This here is my favorite thing ever written about the Egg Bowl rivalry, a rivalry that is — at very least — being referenced by this vandal.