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2016 Miami Beach Bowl final score: Tulsa crushes Central Michigan

The Chippewas are now 1-1 against the state of Oklahoma.

Miami Beach Bowl - Tulsa v Central Michigan Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

After a 10-3 first quarter, Tulsa stopped messing around and opened up a 55-10 can of you-know-what all over Central Michigan in the Miami Beach Bowl.

The Golden Hurricane rolled in the stadium built on the land the Miami Hurricanes used to call home, so how’s that for some irony? Most importantly, the game went off without an incident. Not unlike many Miami games back in the old Orange Bowl, if a blowout occurs in South Florida and nobody was around to see it, does it make a sound?

Tulsa’s offense certainly made a lot of noise with 581 yards of offense. WR Keevan Lucas tied for most receiving TDs in Tulsa history with 32. He’s on par with Howard Twilley (1965 Heisman runner-up) and former Seahawks great Steve Largent. Tulsa’s made its bones with good offense all season, and it’s not just Lucas as the star of the show. QB Dane Evans closes out his college career with Tulsa records in completions, attempts, passing yards, passing TDs, and total yards. As a team, the Golden Hurricane also managed this achievement:

Tulsa’s offense was so prolific that it didn’t punt all day, but as a nice gesture, they let the punter take a snap at QB at the end of the game to kneel down and kill the clock. But the most exciting offensive play of the day came from the defense. A 270-pound defensive tackle, Jesse Brubaker, hauled an ill-advised screen pass 66 yards to the house.

About the only thing Tulsa won’t win on Monday is the Piesman Trophy. Despite the pleas, we already gave that out to Pitt lineman Brian O’Neill. Sorry, no recounts in this election.

This was also good old-fashioned Oklahoman revenge. Central Michigan beat Oklahoma State earlier this season on a wild Hail Mary play that shouldn’t have counted. Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy has spent the season in denial that such a loss actually happened, but there ya go.

The Chippewas would not find success against this Oklahoma team. Where the Pokes failed, Tulsa succeeded. It was a golden opportunity in the Sunshine State, but not in the way Central Michigan would have liked.