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Todd Gurley lost Georgia-Georgia Tech bet and had to wear Yellow Jackets gear

That’s unfortunate for Todd.

He may not play for Georgia anymore, but that doesn’t mean Todd Gurley didn’t get to enjoy a taste of the rivalry with Georgia Tech. Losing to your rival is no fun when you’re in school, but college football is awesome because the rivalry doesn’t stop once you walk across the graduation stage. It’s something you carry for a lifetime.

So when Georgia played Georgia Tech last weekend, it was a perfect time for a friendly wager between teammates on the Los Angeles Rams. Gurley is one of the best Dawgs to ever tote the rock and there are two Georgia Tech players in the Rams organization. Zach Laskey is a fullback on injured reserve and Isaiah Johnson is a practice squad defensive back. Even if you didn’t see the game, it’s not hard to tell which team lost.

The win was huge for Georgia Tech, which has struggled to dethrone the Bulldogs as state champions lately. The Yellow Jackets have only beaten Georgia six times since 1990. Former Georgia coach Mark Richt was particularly dominant, only losing twice to the in-state rival. To say the postgame celebration was raucous would be quite the understatement.

If you’re wondering what the foliage is in the video there, that would be the famed hedges at Georgia’s Sanford Stadium. It seems the Jackets did some hedge trimming after the game. It’s not a new practice, but Georgia Tech just doesn’t get to do it all that often.

But not everyone was pleased with the postgame gardening. Georgia’s student newspaper featured an editorial blasting the Tech players for the celebration in the broader context of postgame displays of exuberance gone too far.

Tech’s victory celebration was a distasteful display of disrespect. It’s as simple as that. Fans could argue at length that it’s just a rivalry or that the Tech players were avenging our team for sticking the Georgia flag into their field last year, but two wrongs don’t make a right. We were wrong and so were they.

But despite the pearl clutching and gritted teeth from Gurley, Georgia Tech has the last laugh. They also have something that is so precious, albeit recently rare in this rivalry: an entire year of bragging rights.