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North Texas running back projectile vomits so much his quarterback misses the snap

He threw up all over the field on consecutive plays.

North Texas running back Jeffery Wilson scored two touchdowns in the first half of the Heart of Dallas Bowl against Army on Tuesday. He also projectile vomited twice on the same drive — staying in and blocking anyway.

The first puke totally caused quarterback Alec Morris to miss the snap and lose 13 yards, if you watch closely. North Texas scored anyway, with Wilson throwing a huge block on the next play to set up a 27-yard passing touchdown that pulled North Texas within three points of Army at halftime.

It looked like the first puke surprised Wilson, but the second one was so casual. He’s like, “Yeah, lemme puke real quick, then throw a block on a 12-yard pass play.” That’s normal stuff.

Our puke hero Jeffery Wilson is back out there in the second half anyway.

(h/t Uproxx)