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Uber driver unknowingly trashed Mack Brown's coaching skills in front of Mack Brown

That’s awkward.

One of the more fun things about this college football season has been the working bromance of ESPN’s Adam Amin and Mack Brown. They share the booth on Friday night games most prominently, and they genuinely seem to get along.

Brown, of course, coached at Texas for over a decade, winning the school’s fourth national championship. But it certainly went sour at the end in Austin, and one Texas Uber driver still isn’t a fan of the former Longhorns head man.

This is another in Brown’s travel foibles this season. Earlier in the year, he had to leave the booth early to catch a plane because the game was too long.

If he has to bolt from the Alamo Bowl’s booth early on Thursday, here’s hoping he gets a nicer driver.

Brown talked about the encounter at a pre-Alamo Bowl event on Wednesday. His long-winded relaying of the story is pretty funny.