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Every FBS team in Texas lost its most recent game vs. Bill Snyder's Kansas State

One at a time, the Wildcats have been beating up on Texan teams.

NCAA Football: Texas Bowl-Kansas State vs Texas A&M Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State’s Texas Bowl win against Texas A&M on Wednesday marks the continuation of what’s now an undeniable trend: Kansas State repeatedly beating opponents from the state of Texas.

In KSU’s most recent game against every FBS program it’s played from the Lone Star State, the Wildcats have won each time. The results:

(Jon is a friend of the program, but we double-checked, and this is true.)

Snyder took three years away from coaching K-State between 2005 and 2009, but these wins are all his. Texas has 12 FBS programs, and Snyder is nine for nine in his most recent game against each one he’s played. The Wildcats have never had a game against Houston, SMU, or Texas State, which is probably good for all of those schools.

Kansas State’s all-time records against Texas teams are also generally good. The Wildcats are 10-7 against Texas, 8-8 against A&M, 8-6 against Baylor, 5-5 against TCU, and 8-9 against Texas Tech. When you consider that the Wildcats share a league with a handful of those teams and that they’re all from a way better recruiting area, that’s excellent. This program has gotten really good at punching above its weight.

This calls for a confetti-dumping celebration.