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Washington pick Jeremy Sprinkle once suspended from Belk Bowl after Belk shoplifting allegation

The ending to Sprinkle’s college career was unique.

NCAA Football: Florida at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Washington drafted Arkansas tight end Jeremy Sprinkle with in the fifth round of the NFL draft on Saturday, 154th overall. Sprinkle had a weird ending to his college career.

Sprinkle he was accused of shoplifting during a pregame team function at one of Belk’s department stores, according to SEC Country’s Jason Kersey.

The nature of the event, as the report described it: Every Belk Bowl player got a $450 Belk gift card and was given an hour-and-a-half to roam around a store and spend it on whatever he wanted. Kersey cites sources saying Sprinkle “attempted to take items worth more than the allotted cost available.”

Here’s a list of what he allegedly tried to take:

That’s $260 in total (if you round up the penny).

Sprinkle is a senior, and the Belk Bowl would’ve been his last collegiate game before he made the professional leap. Hogs coach Bret Bielema wasn’t specific about the reasoning behind Sprinkle’s suspension when he announced it in a press release, but he said it didn’t have anything to do with drugs, alcohol, or violence.

“Jeremy’s suspension has been known by our staff and players for several days, so we’ve had a chance to prepare our game plan accordingly. Throughout his career and this season as a graduate student-athlete, Jeremy has displayed numerous times the qualities we want to represent our program. We have standards within our family that must be upheld on a daily basis and unfortunately he failed to do that in the last week. Jeremy’s suspension isn’t drug, alcohol, or violence related but one that will cause him to miss his final game as a Razorback.”

Sprinkle had four touchdowns last season and is Arkansas’ career leader in touchdowns for a tight end, with 11. He had 921 career receiving yards for the Hogs.