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Alabama's bulletin-board material for the Peach Bowl includes fake news

We got receipts.

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Holly Rowe, Twitter

Fighting complacency is Nick Saban’s life’s work. In an effort to keep the team motivated, it seems like Alabama (which is a 14-point favorite over Washington in the Playoff semifinal) has ginned up some stuff to get the team ready to play.

But, there’s a problem with two of these.

ESPN polled 20 of its experts, and none of them picked Washington. Sports Illustrated and USA Today had a similar consensus, as did CBS. As for us, only one person who made picks took the Huskies.

And even he wasn’t 100 percent about it.

As for this one, Saban is on record praising the Huskies on the back end. He compared them to the Seattle Seahawks just a few days ago.

Thankfully, we can speak to the veracity of the “someone has to knock off Alabama” quote. And it seems like anyone and everyone has said they want Bama at some point over the last few seasons.

So Bama’s 50 percent on actual bulletin board material.