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FSU, which had fun riding Jet Skis, beat Michigan, which didn't

Jet Skis > khakis.

When in South Florida, do as South Floridians do:

Yes it was risky, and of course there is the issue of player safety on what amounts to a crotch rocket on the water. But Jet Skis are fun, so FSU should have fun. They did, in fact, have fun, per Dalvin Cook.

“We’re just enjoying our time, and we’re just enjoying each other,” Cook said. “It’s a fun bowl game. The Orange Bowl did a good job of putting events together for us to spend time together. We’ve been really enjoying this time at the Orange Bowl because it’s one of the great bowl games you can play in.”

Michigan man Jim Harbaugh has a different version of fun, and it’s about hard work. Who has time for a trip to the beach while you’re 1,000 miles away from home for an entire week? There is preparation to be done.

The Michigan players will attend a team dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse in South Beach on Wednesday night, and they hung out with local kids at a Dave & Buster's earlier this week, but the moments to relax have been fewer and farther between than most college players have during their weeks at various bowl locations.

All work and no play may not have made Michigan some dull boys, but the team that rode Jet Skis won the game.