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Urban Meyer's been at Ohio State 5 years. One-third of his losses are to Clemson

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Maybe just avoid the Tigers in the postseason.

Urban Meyer’s 61-6 record at Ohio State is just tough to get your head around when you really think about it.

He’s won 11 games or more in each of his five seasons at the helm in Columbus. He’s only lost six, and never more than twice in a season. Two of those losses have come to Clemson, and they’ve come in bowl games.

Speaking of those six losses, our Ohio State blog did some digging.

But in every phase tonight, Clemson was better. They won 31-0 on the scoreboard, and outgained the Tigers 470-215. The first down disparity was 24-9 in favor of the Tigers, and two of Ohio State’s came on penalties.

There is a cruel irony to this game, though: Meyer just got spanked in this stadium in Glendale nearly 10 years to the day of his first national championship, then with Florida. That came on Jan. 8, 2007, against Ohio State. It is the first time Meyer has been shut out as a head coach, and the first time the Buckeyes have been shut out in a bowl since the 1920 Rose Bowl.

Maybe Meyer’s Achilles heel wears orange.