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Now 12 of 12 College Football Playoff teams have been Nike schools

Eat it, adidas.

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In the interest of corporate brand synergy and marketing, Nike would like you to know that they again outfit all four Playoff entrants.

Alabama, Washington, Ohio State, and Clemson all rep swoosh swag. And the last few seasons, the apparel brand has bedazzled up the swoosh to make it really pop. They’ll do it again this time around:

The Alabama Crimson Tide, The Ohio State Buckeyes and Clemson Tigers will be in the Nike Vapor Untouchable Speed uniform with the Washington Huskies wearing the Speed Machine Hypercool uniform during the College Football Playoff, each featuring a fractal diamond Swoosh on the front of the jersey and pant.



Nike sponsors over half of the FBS, and its dominance is clear at the top. Besides outfitting each Playoff team, the other major apparel brands (adidas and Under Armour) have barely even gotten close to getting a team in the Playoff. In each of the final top 10s of the Playoff era, there have only been two total non-Nike squads. Notre Dame (Under Armour) finished No. 8 in 2015 and Mississippi State (adidas) finished No. 7 in 2014. There likely will not be any non-Nikes in the 2016 top 10, other than Wisconsin.