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If Florida wins the Outback Bowl, you’ll get a free Bloomin’ Onion. If Iowa wins, free Coconut Shrimp.

A tradition unlike any other.

One of college football’s greatest traditions lives on in 2016. The Outback Bowl will feature No. 17 Florida and Iowa on Jan. 2 at Raymond James Stadium. Per usual, each team is given an Outback-themed mascot for the game — a Bloomin’ Onion or Coconut Shrimp.

The most important part of this tradition is that depending on which team wins, if you go into Outback Steakhouse the day after the game, they’ll give you whichever appetizer that the winning team had for free.

Translation: No matter who wins the Outback Bowl, we are all winners who will get free food the day after the game. Oh, and did we mention that the Outback Bowl features real life Bloomin’ Onion and Coconut Shrimp mascots?

Bowl season is the best, you guys.