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Army's new uniforms for 2016 Navy game are badass tributes to World War II paratroopers

These are extremely good.

College football’s most prestigious game will again be getting an incredibly cool look when Army plays Navy this Saturday.

The video goes into sweet detail about the uniforms.

“Inspired, humbled and motivated by the soldiers who came before us, we don their patches, adopt their mottos, and hold their deeds close to our hearts.”

Specifically, these pay tribute to 82nd Airborne Division of World War II, who spearheaded invasions in Italy, Normandy Beach, and Holland.

Navy’s also unveiled its unis for the game:

Army, Navy, and Air Force consistently get to use their military connections to wear uniforms that are inspired by our military and salute those who have served.

Last year’s Army-Navy game featured the Black Knights rocking these lids ...

... and Navy wore a hand-painted set of helmets featuring different battleships.

NCAA Football: Navy at Army Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports