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Tom Herman shows hard work pays off with his two Texas business cards

The new Texas coach started small.

With a simple tweet, Tom Herman brings his coaching career full circle.

After his rookie position coaching gig at Texas Lutheran, Herman spent two seasons as a graduate assistant in Austin in 1999 and 2000. Now he’s back and the title on the business card looks a little different.

Among his illustrious duties back then were things like hanging out with Ricky Williams during a parade:

His wife, Michelle, also tweeted some memories of Tom during his initial stint in Austin:

The life of a GA is rarely pretty, but Herman learned a lot from his time in Austin. He never forgot those roots, either. He wasn’t above doing similar yeoman’s work even when he got the head job at Houston.

I went to Home Depot, bought a bunch of scrapers and spent a night peeling the tiles back. I was fully prepared to spend my own money to put a floor down. It was for my guys and for recruiting. I peeled up the floor myself because if somebody was going to be angry about it, I didn't want anyone else to get in trouble but me. It actually didn't take me that long, like three or four hours. I stacked the tiles up in the locker room. In a few weeks, we ended up with new floors.

Now Herman has arguably the most high-profile job in college football. With the grinding spirit of a GA, he should be fine in Austin.