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What to know about Ole Miss football's NCAA situation, which isn't as bad as it sounds

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"Pray and pray for my downfall." Those dozens of NCAA allegations lobbed at Ole Miss? Only a handful involves football, and almost all of the letter concerns former coaches in women's basketball and track, and an assistant for the previous football regime. The only current player known to be implicated is outgoing tackle Laremy Tunsil, who was already suspended seven games in 2015 for this business.

So, nope, Hugh Freeze isn't being nailed for what's appeared to some to be suspiciously good recruiting. The Rebels turned in a top-10 class in 2013 and are very likely to do so again in 2016Players and recruits are speaking defiantly about the whole thing, and the 15 or so blue chip recruits in Oxford for the final weekend before Signing Day seem to have had a fine time anyway.

Even shorter version: if you're a rival who's giddy about the idea of the Rebels finally getting hammered, you're gonna be waiting a long time.

CROOTIN': The last weekend before Signing Day just about finished setting the table for Wednesday. The big stuff:

Some 2016 recruits will have to take academic redshirts due to a new NCAA rule. Here's our 'splainer, with some quotes from coaches and officials, pro and con.

Texas ranks No. 33 on the Composite right now. Enjoy that while it lasts. The Horns are set to close a make-or-break class and storm all the way into the top 10.

Florida State's also in position to finish much more strongly than last year, and Bud Elliott can explain why.


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RIP to Ted Agu. Cal admits its negligence contributed to the player's 2014 passing during training.

Notre Dame and Utah blessed their head coaches into the 2020s with new deals.

Hey, everybody's got a coach for now! All 128 FBS head coaching spots are occupied, now that Southern Miss has hired Jay Hopson from Alcorn State.

Be advised, the Maryland Terrapins are now located in Florida, based on the class new head coach (and former Gators coordinator) D.J. Durkin is bringing in.

Expansion idea to ponder! What about Arizona and Arizona State to the Big 12?

ALL HAIL RACECARCUBETRON. The scoreboard for the Tennessee-Virginia Tech nonsense at a NASCAR track will loom over the field like something out of Independence Day.

Ohio State receiver Braxton Miller (that still feels weird) was the most impressive of the Senior Bowl week's standouts. The short version of the XBrax One experience is this Vine of him making a crowd literally OOH and AHH.

However, during the game itself, Mississippi State QB Dak Prescott was the biggest standout.