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69 schools have more NFL Combine players than Texas does, including 5 in the FCS


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Zero Texas Longhorns were drafted in 2014. Five were drafted in 2015, but only one is on the list of 332 players invited to the 2016 NFL Combine.

If defensive tackle Hassan Ridgeway is the only Longhorn drafted this year, that'll mean Mack Brown's final three years as head coach included the recruiting of six pros, fewer than Florida State, Louisville, Florida, Alabama, or Miami had last year alone.

This is Texas, the richest athletic department in the country.

FSU had a record 29 players drafted over the last three years, with six Combine invitees this time around. Ohio State could have as many picks this year as Texas had from 2011 through 2015 (15).

Not much of this particular mess is on current head coach Charlie Strong. The players he recruited in his first full-year class at Texas will be redshirt freshmen and sophomores in 2016. Yet Brown has said he feels no responsibility for the roster Strong inherited, which was far less stocked than the one Brown got when he took the job. It's easy to find quotes from scouts and opponents describing Brown's teams as spoiled pushovers.

Brown "knows what he left," said one anonymous rival.

Anyway, here are 69 teams with more than one 2016 NFL Combine invitee.

  1. Alabama
  2. Arizona
  3. Arizona State
  4. Arkansas
  5. Auburn
  6. Baylor
  7. Boise State (Non-power!)
  8. Boston College
  9. California
  10. Cincinnati (Non-power!)
  11. Clemson
  12. Colorado
  13. Colorado State (Non-power!)
  14. Duke
  15. East Carolina (Non-power!)
  16. Florida
  17. Florida State
  18. Georgia
  19. Georgia Tech
  20. Harvard (FCS!)
  21. Houston (Non-power!)
  22. Illinois
  23. Indiana
  24. Iowa
  25. Kansas State
  26. Kentucky
  27. Liberty (FCS!)
  28. Louisiana Tech (Non-power!)
  29. LSU
  30. Maryland
  31. Miami
  32. Michigan
  33. Michigan State
  34. Minnesota
  35. Mississippi State
  36. Missouri
  37. NC State
  38. Nebraska
  39. North Dakota State (FCS, technically!)
  40. Northwestern
  41. Notre Dame
  42. Ohio State
  43. Oklahoma
  44. Oklahoma State
  45. Ole Miss
  46. Oregon
  47. Penn State
  48. Rutgers
  49. San Diego State (Non-power!)
  50. San Jose State (Non-power!)
  51. South Carolina
  52. South Carolina State (FCS!)
  53. Southern Utah (FCS!)
  54. Stanford
  55. Syracuse (FCS! ... No? Non-power? No? Interesting)
  56. TCU
  57. Temple (Non-power!)
  58. Tennessee
  59. Texas A&M
  60. Texas Tech
  61. UCLA
  62. USC
  63. Utah
  64. Utah State (Non-power!)
  65. Virginia Tech
  66. Washington
  67. West Virginia
  68. Western Kentucky (Non-power!)
  69. Wisconsin