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PODCAST AIN'T PLAYED NOBODY: College football hates its underdogs

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It's Episode 26ish of PAPN! Bill and Godfrey once again went guest-free and managed to roll right on past the hour mark regardless. Among the topics:

  • Bill's Kickstarter project (embedded below)
  • All the FIU talk you can stand
  • Penn State's uniqueness, James Franklin's progress, and why he's supposedly on the hot seat anyway
  • The Vast Pro-Ole Miss Conspiracy among select media members (including Godfrey)
  • Ole Miss, Boise State, Baylor, and why this sport hates underdogs so much. Don't try to punch above your weight because we will take you down.
  • The state of Missouri is a ridiculous mess.
  • Reader Questions! TCU's path to high-level football vs. Baylor's, mid-majors having to replace outlier talent, Les Miles' QB problems, Les Miles' Nick Saban problem, and Purdue's money-spending options.