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The Miami Hurricane who had the greatest TD celebration ever is running for Congress

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Randal "Thrill" Hill, golden era Miami Hurricanes wide receiver, is running for Congress. You might know him better as the man who took a 1991 Cotton Bowl touchdown all the way up the tunnel, then came back out with finger-six-shooters blazing, because his team was smoking holes through the Texas Longhorns.

It went on for a really long time. It was one of the last straws that inspired the NCAA to crack down on excessive celebrations by revealing a series of new rules and interpretations, which many nicknamed after the Canes. It was glory.

"It wasn't my fault that they built that stadium where there was a tunnel in the end zone that I scored in," Hill said in the beloved ESPN documentary The U. "It wasn't my fault that the doors were open. Don't blame me. You can blame the architects."

He expanded on that in a quick interview with our State of the U, saying, "Yes, I still say it was not my fault. If the NCAA would have made uniforms that had ripcords attached to parachutes, it would have allowed me to slow down before I got to the tunnel."

But what are his policy positions, you say? More celebrations, probably. I believe we can all set our politics aside and agree a man with the capability to devise such an excellent touchdown celebration -- and such fine explanations for it -- should be strongly considered for the House of Representatives.

Tom Herman jumped out of nowhere to become the country's hottest coaching prospect two years in a row. Here's a look at what molded the Houston coach's style, from the man himself.

The Bill C team of the day: FIU, which apparently hosts two Big Ten teams! (This is just the logical extension of the Big Ten's ongoing quest to remote-HQ its football programs in Florida, if you ask me.)


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A recruiting class of nothing but Miami's decommitments would've ranked No. 22 in the country for 2016. (That's an object-lesson way of saying early recruiting rankings require so very many grains of salt, they could be Zaxby's menu items.)

Bud Elliott made an offensive lineman recruiting pyramid. Pyramids are much larger at their bottoms than at their tops, just like the offensive linemen your team should be pursuing.

QUIZ TIME. Can you name all 20 programs that have held AP No. 1 rankings since 1995? (Freebie spoiler! The one I missed was Georgia, which is the state I live in, lol.)

The year's biggest QB battle might be BYU's, now that small, agile buffalo Taysom Hill has announced his return.

Oklahoma's president loves saying things, and the latest thing is that the Big 12 is likely to [realign] or get off the realignment pot soon.

One of Notre Dame's starting offensive linemen is going pro in something other than football, as in right now.

Illinois seems to have an AD now, a former football player, which is good news for those hoping the Illini will care more about the sport.

Ugh, Tennessee headlines lately. A 2015 senior football player was arrested for allegedly "sending material harmful to a minor."

"Hacked Austin traffic sign says 'OU STILL SUCKS.'"

Here are Bret Bielema and his wife decked out in neon. No explanation available, and none is requested.

T h e M e d i a is out to get James Franklin fired and shield Ole Miss! Bill and Godfrey podcast about it.