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The Solid Verbal: ESPN's Tom Rinaldi reveals the secrets to his emotion factory

Ty and Dan welcome the master of our Saturday morning tears.

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Almost five years to the week, ESPN GameDay's Tom Rinaldi returns to The Solid Verbal, not as our video parody fodder this time, but in the flesh, as he sits down to talk about his history reporting on heart-tugging feature stories, namely within the world of college football.

We talk about how he finds the compelling stories he reports on, his biggest challenges in editing the final product, and how he convinces his subjects to speak openly.

To wrap things up, he speaks about balancing his responsibilities telling stories, sometimes in a more raucous GameDay environment and working as a sideline reporter and covering the hectic action on the field, itself.

Either way, he's pretty much exactly how you expect him to be, in the best possible way.