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Football boycott impacted Mizzou's finances, but not as much as canceling a game would've

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Former head coach Gary Pinkel
Former head coach Gary Pinkel
Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Remember the Missouri football boycott of Nov. 2015? It ended in a few days, after the school president's resignation ended a student's hunger strike amid campus unrest. The fallout continues, of course.

"For the three complete months since the players announced their boycott on Nov. 7, cash contributions to the athletic department were down 24.3 percent [$230,000] compared to last year," the Columbia Tribune reports.

Part of that is certainly due to the team's downturn from being SEC East champion to going 5-7. But "what happened on campus" is a major factor, AD Mack Rhoades grants. Rock M Nation approves of how Rhoades is handling all this.

(On a strictly monetary level, the school's still better off than it would've been if it had forfeited that week's BYU game, which would've cost Mizzou $1 million in cancellation fees alone. And if the Tigers had attempted to force players to play or lose their scholarships, as many on the Internet hollered, that could've eventually cost even more.)

What's a day in the life like at Football High School? IMG Academy's blue chip linebacker Will Ignont explains, and yeah, I do not lie to y'all when I call this place Football High School.

Bill C team of the day: Marshall, which will probably make its usual run at 10 games this year, but pretty surely win more next year.

"SPORTS ARE HAPPENING." It's always college football season somewhere. In Finland, it also comes with overwhelmed, weary announcers.

CROOTIN'! The weekend's blue-chip commits:

Charlie Strong is tangled up in a Louisville divorce case, with the husband-to-no-longer-be seeking records of Strong's contact with the ex-wife-to-be. No court orders at this time.


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This sounds like thin ice: Dana Holgorsen won't be getting an extension to the two years left on his contract.

Our official statement on the Jim Harbaugh recruiting camp controversy is this En Vogue video.

On the list of folks who yearn for NCAA Football to return: the director of Fallout 4, who's surely one of the most important people in video gamedom, FWIW.

The most delightful 90 seconds of your Internet today might be USC's band jamming with Questlove on The Tonight Show, unless you're one of those people who's really into corgis.

See, we really need Steve Spurrier around to comment on this stuff. Will Muschamp boots two Gamecocks contributors.

Only my fellow 2012 college football fans remember the pure horror of the NAPA KNOW HOW Guy.

Mack Brown back, as the leader of Texas Rio Grande Valley's committee on exploring a football startup.

JIM LEONHARD BACK, as the former 5'8 Wisconsin walk-on (and player who most makes your neighbors think, "I probably could've made it to the NFL") returns to coach at his alma mater.

It's combine week, so expect to hear a lot about how Connor Cook wasn't a captain at Michigan State. His teammates have a simple explanation. Basically, he was a second-tier captain who also held down the team's rotating fourth captain spot in several games last year.

The most Iowa thing I've seen in ages is this Hawkeyes commit doing stunts on a wrestling mat.

Company item! If you like ludicrous architecture, such as the next generation of football stadiums and Marshawn Lynch's house, roll up on the new