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The NFL Combine starts today, so get ready to hear 'Ohio State' every few minutes

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Hello to the NFL Combine, our only February football-ish substance that doesn't come from Finland.

No sporting event is better suited to the role of daily background noise, not even golf itself. So little happens besides the generation of data that it's almost impossible to miss anything, and the only things you really need to pay attention to are Mike Mayock's most excited comments about butts and the deeds by players from your alma mater. And the players your NFL team is after, if you're unlucky enough to have one of those.

Ohio State fans are the busiest, with 14 players to keep up with, like mother ducks. Notre Dame follows with 10, then Alabama and UCLA with nine each. Auburn, Clemson, Florida, and Georgia each have eight, and Michigan State, Oklahoma, and USC each have seven. Typing that out felt like singing "This Little Piggy."

The full list of invitees is hereThe full list of schools with more invitees than Texas is hereThe schedule and stuff is here; today's Big Dudes On Scales Day.

Lunging back into the 2004 USC-Oklahoma-Auburn debate and other stuff is Podcast Ain't Played Nobody, with special guest Bruce Feldman.

In response to a growing Title IX lawsuit and various other displeasing headlines, Tennessee called a mass press conference to share some real vague warm vibes.

Softball co-head coach Karen Weekly highlighted the fact that football coach Butch Jones attended a softball doubleheader, and that the football team shares its facility with women's teams. Baseball coach Dave Serrano noted that a hotel employee told him that she had "never seen a more well-mannered group of young guys." Golf coach Judi Pavon said women have never been treated better within Tennessee athletics. They all painted the portrait of what every athletic department wants: happy, well-behaved student-athletes fostering a strong, positive sports culture with the help of their coaches.

Much of what they said may, in fact, be true. Most athletes may have a positive experience, and women's athletics have been strongly emphasized at Tennessee.

But none of that does anything to diminish the severity of the allegations facing Tennessee, claims that the university's coaches should be taking seriously.


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Bill C. team of the day: Louisiana Tech, which is in much better shape than anyone expected, but still has bumps ahead.

The Joe Mixon thing is going to remain a constant headline indefinitely, so we're just gonna update this timeline on him as needed.

Art Briles and Gus Malzahn are either collaborating on coaching business or working on a mixtape; you decide.

Texas A&M taking Mississippi State's defensive line coach might not seem that exciting, especially since the man's polos will barely change at all, but here's the thing: this means MSU's entire defensive staff has changed since last season. And the best player in school history left. Times are tough.

Michigan commit and noted sibling Dylan McCaffrey is now the No. 1 quarterback recruit.

Mayock says North Dakota State's Carson Wentz might be the next Andrew Luck. Mayock season is here.

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