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Behold, the updated map of the most hated college football team in each state

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Reddit's CFB sub has completed an update of its HATE MAP, which is based on polling to find the team with the most haters in each U.S. state. (The previous edition was a fine inclusion in our collection of 25 maps that explain college football.)

Based on this, we as a people hate Ohio State more than we did a few years ago, Florida State has overtaken Florida in the Sunshine State, Washington hate is spreading across the land and Texas hate is receding into a warm core. The great state of West Virginia appears to remain interested in Pitt eating shit, however.

Hey, we interviewed Kirk Ferentz. The Solid Verbal enjoys the pleasant company of the Iowa coach, who's too chill to have movie opinions beyond The Godfather Part II.


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Boston College football and basketball might combine to do something so bad, it hasn't been pulled off in many decades.

Bill C wrapping his first conference means the first set of conference PPPPPOWER RANKINGS are out, and Western Kentucky towers over a jammed-up Tier 2 in Conference USA.

Bill C team of the day: ULM, as we enter the Sun Belt with a new coach built to survive a tough job.

It's not that Joey Bosa's overrated, it's just that he might've already hit his ceiling, Stephen White finds.

Let the players be paid. Auburn's Peyton Barber said he declared for the draft because his mother is homeless.

Jared Goff's tiny hands are simply too tiny, the NFL Combine reveals! It's time once again to link to this Black Heart Gold Pants classic.

Combine drills finally start today, and you should expect some Baylor dudes to steal headlines.

Georgia deserves praise for the way it's handled a Southern player who was paralyzed against UGA last season. The care culminated in UGA fans gifting the young man's family a new house.

No, rapper The Game probably didn't play on scholarship at Washington State, despite the oft-repeated legend.

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