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Houston has a stable of rappers welcoming new players on National Signing Day

Look who creepin'! Look who crawlin'!

Last year, Houston won the American conference, won the Peach Bowl, and coach Tom Herman got a diamond grill with Paul Wall. They're continuing their passion for excellent football news and Houston rap into 2016, with National Signing Day being highlighted by five-star defensive tackle Ed Oliver and personalized shoutouts from some of H-Town's greatest rappers.

Here's Paul Wall welcoming three-star wide receiver Terry Mark:

Oliver, one of the top recruits in all of college football, got a message from Slim Thug:

Several players were welcomed by Houston hero Z-Ro:

Others got messages from Houston football legends Case Keenum and Andre Ware, but those aren't rappers, so we aren't writing about them here.

Perhaps most importantly, when Cincinnati tried bragging about their National Signing Day spread of Panera and casserole:

Houston clapped back with a VENGEANCE:

HOOO, damn, that is COLD. Championship trophies and hip hop >>>>>>> chain breakfast and casserole. This is the most vicious win of the college football offseason thus far. Cincinnati might have to get demoted into the FCS.

I am also obligated to post the video for "Still Tippin'" 10 times, according to company policy for posts about Houston victories.