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2016 National Signing Day fallout, including the updated 5-year recruiting rankings

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The updated five-year recruiting rankings are of course topped by Bama, but look more closely for all the fun stuff. USC's No. 2 despite sanctions! Baylor and TCU are the most improved in the Power 5! Kansas is terrible and getting worse all the time! USF has actually outrecruited Houston over the last two years! And so forth.

Back when NFL folks were swearing to us that Jim Harbaugh would never become a college coach, I broke down some misconceptions about exactly why so few pro coaches ever go back to college. Most of it boils down to how weird recruiting is ...

... did someone say weird? Jim Harbaugh Is Weird. Extremely weird, all throughout recruiting season, and it's working.

So how's he gonna use the No. 1 recruit? An Xs and Os look at Rashan Gary, who put up NFL Combine-worthy numbers as a high school junior.

Texas linebacker Malik Jefferson has a future in coaching after he's done playing. The Longhorns' recruiting coordinator declared the linebacker's Signing Day influence worthy of the Austin mayor job, to which Austin's actual mayor interjected.

IT AIN'T OVER. The No. 1 receiver recruit and at least one other blue chip are yet to sign, with their commitments quite likely rearranging the top 15 of the 2016 class rankings and perhaps even pushing Georgia into the top five.

I Didn't Understand Ole Miss' Class Until Red Cup Rebellion Explained Each Signee As If They're Pokemon.


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Florida. The Florida Gators. The University of Florida. Florida is falling, uh, kind of way behind its rivals in recruiting, at least as far as top-tier players go.

Vegas gets recruiting. Ohio State and Michigan saw their National Championship odds shoot toward the top after Signing Day, while Baylor sank.

Goodbye, fax machine. Tom Herman and company recreate the scene from Office Space, with great attention to detail. Herman himself drew out the story board, I'm told by a Houston official.

All things considered, Mark Richt helped bring in some scary weapons for Miami.

WHY CAN'T NOTRE DAME CLOSE? Actually, Notre Dame closed fine. It just got all its closing done before Signing Day.

The Offseason Of Washington Hype looms. Chris Petersen signed his best class yet, and the Huskies ranked comfortably in the Pac-12's second tier despite signing a tiny class of 17.

One way to tell when your rebuild is done: when you don't want to see your instant impact freshmen all over the field. That's where Tennessee finally is now.

Washington State hung onto multiple recruits big bad USC wanted, per Washington State.

Hang on, we need to keep laughing at LSU for nearly firing Les Miles, the guy whose staff just pulled in another top-three class. (Signing a top-three class is always good. Even if we think LSU's squandered recruiting talent at times, more talent is always good. Any Tigers fans who tells you they'd rather their team sign three-stars and overachieve, which would mean going 7-5 in the SEC West, can be forgiven for thinking in the moment.)

Texas' AD said he wouldn't rule out playing A&M, and I refuse to read any of the rest of his quote.

Featuring is the Solid Verbal, chopping up Signing Day's biggest stories in a form fit for your earholes.