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Hey, Texas A&M has more Super Bowl MVPs than Texas now

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Super Bowl stuff! Von Miller did beastly deeds such as this in the presence of Cam Newton, the only player drafted ahead of him in 2011, to put the Aggies on the list of schools with Super Bowl MVPs.

And Miller was in charge of Gatorade-dousing head coach Gary Kubiak, another Aggie.

Then again, Texas had the actual MVP.

Was that the Cal band on stage with (mostly) Coldplay during the halftime showYep, and the Bears got to do a bunch of fun stuff. Wonder why they didn't pick the more local Stanford band? ;)

The most physically impressive play might've been this BIG MAN INT by Mizzou's Kony Ealy, who likely would've been MVP himself if the Panthers had won.

Bama fans, you won't believe this, but Panthers OC Mike Shula had a bad game.

Remember that time Auburn changed all its social media profiles to Carolina blue during the Super Bowl, in support of Cam Newton and company?

Rocky Top Talk says a happy goodbye to Peyton Manning, who repeatedly specified that he's going to go drink some Budweiser®.

Cal great and general great Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement during the Super Bowl by tweeting a photo of cleats hanging from a power line, and if you don't believe he actually put them there, then you and I disagree on a thing today.


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Actual college football stuff!

A smart person made a better way to measure returning experience than just looking at starters, and here's the full 1-128 ranking. LOL, look at the No. 1 most loaded team for 2016, which just tried really hard to fire its head coach.

Kentucky's new logo looks like two birds making Super Bowl babies.

The list of the best teams over the last five seasons is of course topped by Nick Saban's Starkiller Base, but LOL look at No. 2, which just tried really hard to fire its head coach.

So, there's one five-star recruit left. He's a wide receiver. And Georgia Tech, of all teams, has a pretty clear path to landing him.

USC athletic director Pat Haden is retiring. That's probably a good idea.

Hard work pays off. Look at how much Charlie Strong's dabbing has improved since he first took it up.

Jim Harbaugh Is Weird. The former 49ers head coach says he's been to Peru as often as he's been to San Francisco.

And Ohio State's outgoing Joey Bosa has a pretty great three word-ish message for Harbaugh.