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Super Bowl MVP Von Miller is also a chicken farmer

He already owns a flock.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl MVP Von Miller went on Conan before the Super Bowl, and in true Texas A&M Aggie form, he told America that one of his dreams is to own a number of poultry farms.

"I want to have a live feed inside the cages where you see how happy my chickens are," he said.

This wasn't a joke. Miller, a poultry science minor at Texas A&M, is actually a chicken farmer. He told the Denver Broncos website that he got 38 chickens in 2013.

"Got my first chickens," Miller said Thursday, joking that he named them all after his teammates. "I'm pretty excited about it."

That hobby has confused people for awhile:

Miller told SB Nation's Matt Ufford that he found his love of chickens while taking what he thought would be an easy credit while in school.

It really started off by taking easy classes. It was easy classes, I just thought it was going to be an easy A, just talk about chickens all day. So I'm just like, okay cool, I'm just going to take this class, sleep through it, I'm going to do the test and I'm going to be good, easy A. But my professor, he just wasn't having it. I tried to come in and do my plan, sleep and just do the test, but he just wasn't having it. It was tougher than what I thought. He told me if I didn't pick it up, he was going to fail me, he wasn't going to help me.

It really hit home, like I don't want to fail this easy class, so I just started getting into it, I started being engaged, and once you get into it, the stuff that you learn in classes, it started off by taking that one easy class, and it started by taking another class, and another class, and before you know it, it was like, man, I only need a couple more classes to really make this a part of my life, and I went for it.

Miller keeps the chickens in Dallas, so he's away from the nitty gritty for now. But "Miller Farms" has actually begun.

"Miller Farms is where I'm starting out, but it's all raw right now," Miller said. "Who knows? I'm only in my third year in the league. This is just a small investment where I can see where I go from here. Hopefully it will snowball into something bigger."

But it's not just a job. Miller genuinely loves chickens, as he told

If I called you chicken, it would be like an insult, but if you actually raise a chicken, they're pretty brave. They have probably the most courage out of most animals in the animal kingdom.

Still an Aggie at heart.