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PODCAST AIN'T PLAYED NOBODY: 2016 projections will put pressure on Les Miles and LSU

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

It's the 25th episode of PAPN, and in this silver anniversary, Bill & Godfrey discuss Bill's S&P+ projections posted earlier this week and the Conference USA previews that began this week. Some topics:

  • Why Iowa and FSU fans are yelling already. (It's like it's already midseason!)
  • #SECbias
  • Tiers and clusters of teams (and how No. 8 USC is closer to No. 22 than No. 4).
  • LSU's No. 2 ranking as proof that thinking about firing Les Miles was ridiculous.
  • LSU's No. 2 ranking as proof that Les Miles should be under quite a bit of pressure.
  • The "LSU can't develop quarterbacks" myth.
  • Mark Hudspeth, Gary Darnell, and the mistake of staying too long
  • The depressing (on-field) state of Conference USA
  • Old Dominion as long-term sleeper.
  • Dissolving C-USA, the Sun Belt, and the AAC into one giant conference.