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Jim Harbaugh's still calling out the SEC for trying to block his Florida recruiting trip

The conference says it's concerned about athletes' time demands.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh announced on National Signing Day that Michigan is planning to host part of its spring practice in Florida at high school powerhouse IMG Academy. That is unorthodox, and there is a clear recruiting motivation to go South to a top high school program, but Harbaugh responded that "you're allowed to cross state borders in my America."

Unsurprisingly, the SEC is mad about the invasion into its recruiting area. SEC commissioner Greg Sankey told CBS Sports that it will attempt to block Harbaugh's move. The supposed reason? Athletes' time demands.

"Our primary reaction [is] that, in the face of the time-demand conversations, we've got one program taking what has been 'free time' away," Sankey said. "Let's draw a line and say, ‘That's not appropriate.'"

It is true that time demands are an issue and have come up in court, and that this would take away players' spring breaks. That's a significant concern for former athletes.

However, the SEC is probably also worried about losing a competitive advantage. Other sports must play and practice over breaks, including in the SEC.

Harbaugh seems to have a response:

And, new on February 15, an even clearer one (the linked headline by our Anthony Broome: "SEC silly for attacking U-M spring break plans").

The SEC also tried to block opposing coaches, including Harbaugh, from running "satellite camps" in SEC country. That measure did not succeed, so the SEC just ended its own restriction on satellite camps.