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Gus Malzahn responds to the latest Jim Harbaugh controversy with a resounding 'yeah, whatever'

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The Auburn coach gives the response that this story deserves.

"Yeah, whatever."

Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn, at least publicly, isn't getting too worked up about Michigan heading to Florida to hold part of its spring practice at IMG Academy in Bradenton.

When Michigan was holding satellite camps across the South last offseason, Malzahn was on the record as not liking itHe later said that they don't work, so maybe that falls in line a little better with the whole "Yeah, whatever" thing.

After apparently hearing enough opposing coaches airing their grievances over this spring camp plan, Harbaugh had this as a response.

And so, last year's Most Offseason Story quietly morphed into this year's, to the enjoyment of very few people, one would imagine.