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Guess who's back in the [Mora football] house: Snoop Dogg's son plans UCLA return

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Snoop Dogg's son, former four-star recruit and UCLA receiver, is apparently rejoining us as a UCLA receiver. A brief timeline:

* One Signing Day later, a five-star committed to USC alongside Snoop. "I remember you was conflicted."

The 50 best teams since World War II, as ranked by some quite solid numbers. The fun parts are the ones that make you more appreciate certain big games. Based on full seasons, 2005 USC is very slightly ahead of 2005 Texas, for instance, which just makes that Rose Bowl all the more impressive.

When you look at the money, it's clear Illinois is actually trying to win football games now. Not championships, really, but winning games is new and novel.

Then again, it's more fun to assemble Illinois the most bargain-bin coaching staff we possibly can.

Ranking all 129 FBS coaches by their playing careers, from brief rugby player Mike Leach to NFL QB Jim Harbaugh.


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Few people assumed LSU was really gonna go without football this year, but it sounds like enough nickels will scrape together for the Tigers to take the field.

LOOK AT THIS CATCH season is back, with this edition coming from Ole Miss spring ball. I rarely care about catches, but this is a pretty special one.

Here is Nick Saban as David Bowie on the wall of a bar. It's beautiful.

Duce Staley's son commits to South Carolina, and you're pretty old.

Black Heart Gold Pants is still celebrating Leo DiCaprio's obvious Iowa fandom, now with many Photoshops.

Jim Harbaugh Is Weird. His annual call for Judge Judy to the Supreme Court is here, and technically, it could happen this time.

Should the Big 12 d o   s o m e t h i n g? Podcast Ain't Played Nobody debates whether Texas should give up the Longhorn Network in order to have a stable conference.

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