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NFL scout would rather have Ohio State’s 2015 defense than some NFL defenses

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That's how much talent the Buckeyes have.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State's 2015 defense has future NFL stars all over the place -- so much that Buckeyes cornerback Eli Apple thinks the defense could win a Super Bowl. And at least one NFL scout agrees that the Buckeyes' defense is NFL-worthy, according to

"I was on the phone with (a scout) just the other day ... he said, 'I would trade our NFL defense right now for the Ohio State defense in a heartbeat. I'd do it right now,'" [Daniel] Jeremiah said Friday during NFL Network's coverage of Ohio State's pro day. "When you hear that you (think), 'C'mon,' but you start going through the three levels of the defense, and even some younger guys that aren't eligible in this draft class. Oh my gosh, this is a loaded football team."

Seven defensive starters are expected to be drafted, including three in the first round. Overall, OSU is expected to have 14 players drafted. That doesn't even include underclassman stars Raekwon McMillan and Tyquan Lewis, who will be drafted high in the future.

The Ohio State defense might not currently be better than any NFL defense, but with all of those players locked down, and with them theoretically improving in the future, this group could turn out much better than some defenses with aging players.

Ohioans seem to agree. Fifty-seven percent of Ohioans think Ohio State would beat the Browns.