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Hey, here's Jim Harbaugh with glowing laser eyes in a 1996 computer game commercial

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Jim Harbaugh Is Weird. And as we find over time, his weirdness is not confined to our current time and space. He's always been this fascinating, whether we realized it at the time or not. His Saved by the Bell cameo is now so appreciated, one Michigan fan got a tattoo of it. He's been a Judge Judy fan since before people started cataloguing his eccentricities.

Well, here he's the then-Colts QB in a 1996 commercial for the computer game Descent II, flashing Michigan-blue eyes (it was a sign all along, without question) and referencing his Catholic faith, I suppose ("I'm not throwing Hail Marys; I'm sayin' 'em").

Via Reddit

This is pretty much the March Madness bracket college football would use, if it had a tournament with the same setup as hoops'. (Actual basketball stuff: the bracketthe prediction and the stuff that happened on Selection Sunday.)

Here's the exact case Cincinnati is making for inclusion in the Big 12, including a reference to that time Tommy Tuberville went unbeaten in the SEC and excluding a mention of how close the Chipotle is, perhaps since it isn't especially close.

Bill C team of the day: Georgia Southern, whose October might define the Sun Belt.

Ezekiel Elliott made a one-handed catch while on the phone and despite some suffocating* defense by Urban Meyer.

* More like "deferential."


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CROOTIN'. The two biggest commits of the weekend: Oklahoma reached eight-for-eight on four-star 2017 commits, and Dalvin Cook's little brother, the one who believes he's the best in his family, committed to FSU.

No, this Texas Tech receiver is not 4.1 fast, but please let these scouts' stopwatches dream.

"I won't ask for forgiveness; however, I'll show the true man I am." Dak Prescott apologizes for a weekend DUI arrest weeks before the NFL Draft.

Our Ole Miss blog made an SEC tournament of football teams and simmed it. Wouldn't ya know it, Ole Miss won, which meant so many mad Bama fans on Twitter and elsewhere.

One NFL scout would take Ohio State's 2015 defense over his current professional defense. We don't know the NFL team, so all we are able to do is ask, "WHO DAT?"

Idaho's Paul Petrino won't jump ship to join brother Bobby at Louisville, and the reason might be another family tie. Bobby's reportedly grabbing from West Virginia to replace the OC he lost to Illinois.

Perhaps you'd like to watch Robert Nkemdiche hoist a human into the air like he's Razor Ramon.

The entire Harbaugh family dropped some pretty good quotes about Michigan's creative road trips.

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