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Look at the March Madness committee. Suuure you want a bigger College Football Playoff?

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Just one of many baffling decisions made by the NCAA Tournament's selection committee this time around was the inclusion of Tulsa:

Tulsa has to be the most out-of-left field pick I've ever seen. The team's own players assumed they were going to the NIT. ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi called the decision "indefensible by every known standard." The Bracket Matrix compiles 59 brackets from people considered to be bracket experts; zero picked Tulsa.

Tulsa was not an NCAA-worthy team by any conceivable measure. The Golden Hurricane didn't have a great record, going 20-12 with a 12-6 record in the middling American. Their RPI was 61, well below what the committee generally accepts from an at-large bid, and 58th in Ken Pomeroy's rankings. They didn't even pass the "eye test," losing twice by sizable margins to a trashy Memphis.

There's plenty more on other teams in there. But the big takeaway for college football fans might be that -- phew -- we only have to worry about how our committee ranks four or so teams (depending on how much you care about the New Year's Six), rather than 70-ish. For now.

Ranking teams is hard, and explaining rankings is hard. Ranking any more than a handful of obvious teams (which football got in 2015) to satisfaction is nearly impossible. Doing all that while trying to stick to weird rubrics (the Playoff committee doesn't use margin of victory, except when it kind of does!) is gonna mean justified anger we can set our calendars to.

Even though the Playoff committee's methods should be more evolved than the NCAA's, they're not significantly more modernized, and our committee is certainly no better at explaining its choices in 90-second TV bursts. The extreme annoyance we all feel as Jeff Long breezes through a description of the process? That would intensify magnificently with a bigger Playoff. More slots to fill would mean more odd choices explained in odd ways.

Just one more reason not to expand it. That and the athletes playing more and more football without getting any more of a cut of all the money, and all that.

Bill C team of the day: Hawaii, which has to travel about 10,000 miles before its first home game, then play another Power 5 team on the road. Nothing easy.


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