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North Dakota State will kick off a loaded Week 1 of college football once again

North Dakota State lost the college football opener against Montana last year. This year, the Bison start off the season against Charleston Southern.

David Purdy/Getty Images

It's only March, but the first Division I football game of 2016 has been scheduled for Aug. 27, when five-time defending FCS champion North Dakota State hosts Charleston Southern.

The Bison also opened last season in what ended up being one of the most entertaining games of the year. Montana, led by first-year Internet sensation coach Bob Stitt, pulled off a come-from-behind upset to stun the Bison in Missoula.

This year, the Bison get to begin their quest for their sixth straight national title on their home turf against Charleston Southern, which made the quarterfinals of last year's FCS playoffs.

This will be just the first game of an awesome first week of college football, which includes Alabama-USC, Wisconsin-LSU, UCLA-Texas A&M, Notre Dame-Texas, Clemson-Auburn, North Carolina-Georgia, Kansas State-Stanford, Oklahoma-Houston, Florida State-Ole Miss and more.

Buckle up, everyone. We're only five months away.