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Judge Judy to the Supreme Court, or Jim Harbaugh riots

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Jim Harbaugh is Weird. And if today's Supreme Court news goes his way, Judge Judy will finally ascend to power.

The Michigan coach's record of devout fandom includes attending a taping of her show while laughing in delight at her laughter, tweeting annually that she should be nominated for the Court, congratulating her on a contract extension, gushing about her responding to his congratulations on her contract extension, praising her in interviews and talking about getting ruined by her in card games.

How could you disappoint this face, Mr. President?

The only March Madness bracket prediction that matters: picking the entire thing as if football teams are playing, and doing so with the aid of Paintbrush.

Bill C team of the day: Wyoming, which has improved exactly once in the last 10 seasons. There's a process to trust now, at least!


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The Pac-12 Network has been such a dud, Washington State is openly pondering how the conference should finally make some real money off it.

Can Laquon Treadwell flourish as an NFL WR? Well, he's won Stephen White's respect as a sucker-mauling blocker, which is good too.

Of course AdvoCare looks like a big racket! It sponsored the Independence Bowl!

Colt McCoy opens up about the hit that changed the fortunes of Texas against Bama and seemed to kick off an entire era of Longhorn sadness, and yes, it would appear the wounds from this one remain fresh among UT fans. Makes sense.

What? Stanford picked up a commit from a star pro-style QB who's from far away? That never happens!

The official kickoff of a loaded-ass week one is here, and it's another excellent FCS game.

Same. Wide receiver recruit says he's "70 percent" committed to Texas.

Podcast Ain't Played Nobody is here to talk about Hawaii to the Pac-12 and other impossible dreams.

Goodbye, Marco Rubio. We'll remember you for that time Florida State's Twitter account popped you real good and for that time you doinked a kid in the head with a football. The kid made a terrible play on the ball.

Also, EDSBS has your guide to how Florida's college football fans voted. "Hillary Clinton wins with Mark Richt supporters at Miami who think it's unfair to judge someone just on how their last job went."

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