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The Solid Verbal: Interviewing D.J. Durkin, the thoroughbred force Maryland needed all along

Ok, not thoroughbred in that sense, but you get it.

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There are a number of reasons to believe that Maryland D.J. Durkin will find success in College Park, not the least of which is his understanding of the on-field, cultural, and recruiting bars to clear to both build and maintain success at a high level in a major conference.

His time with Jim Harbaugh at Stanford and Michigan, plus his years with Urban Meyer at Florida point to an understanding of the day-to-day love a head coach must have for organizational identity, and Durkin appears to embrace the challenge ahead at Maryland.

Certainly, there's a lot for Durkin to take on and reshape in College Park, but it seems that his assistant hires (notably recent head coaches Mike London, Scott Shafer, and Pete Lembo) and intense focus on improvement point to the Terps headed in the right direction as they attempt to navigate a very difficult Big Ten East.