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Please, Bill Belichick, draft Baylor's 405-pound tight end and have him do trick plays

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LaQuan McGowan, Baylor offensive lineman-turned-tight end (the one who caught three touchdowns, including one in the Cotton Bowl), dazzled at the Bears' pro day by a) being 6'7, 405 pounds and b) moving like he's nowhere near that size.

His 5.39 40 might not sound very fast for an NFL prospect, but it's as good as or better than nine linemen at the NFL Combine, all of whom weighed at least 70 pounds less. A few non-linemen ran in the 5s at the combine, and those humans are roughly half McGowan's size. His three-cone drill, broad jump and vertical compare similarly, and of course his bench press reps would've ranked in the top five among OL.

Sure, that means comparing him against linemen and not against tight ends, but special circumstances are merited here.

The big fella knows he has more to offer as an athlete than just being a big fella. From a chat with Our Daily Bears:

Does the constant talk about your size lead people to ignore your skill set?

Yes it does. I know for a fact it does. A lot of people are so caught up on oh "he's so big" that they forget to think about that "oh he's so big but he can run. Oh he's big but he's keeping up with all these other smaller guys."

When you were running sprints in practice did you ever give people a hard time for being behind you?

Yeah, oh yeah! I've beat some guys less than 300 pounds. I don't give them too hard a time, but I have a few times (laughs).

If the Patriots don't draft him in some weird round and infuriate the Ravens by having him run trick plays forever, I'm going to pout.

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