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BYU and Cincinnati hanging out at March Madness. Maybe next in the Big 12?

Is this meeting of school officials a symbol of what's to come? Probably not.

It was a gathering of important figures in the Big 12 expansion discussion when the Cincinnati Bearcats and the St. Joe's Hawks met in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, as Cincinnati president Santa J. Ono, Cincinnati athletic director Mike Bohn and BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe got together for a picture.

Though a conclusion regarding expansion has not yet been reached, the Big 12 finally seems set to announce their decision sometime this summer, and it would appear that Cincinnati has a solid case to make in their favor.

As far as why Holmoe was in attendance at all, it likely has something to do with the fact that he is one of the ten members of the selection committee for the tournament. So while the two schools are surely watching each other closely, Holmoe's presence probably didn't have anything to do with the impending expansion.

Might the next time we see this crew hanging out be at their welcoming party into the Big 12?