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Texas A&M's likely starting QB had the best reaction to Texas' March Madness loss

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When in doubt, use gifs instead of words.

We came oh so close to a Texas-Texas A&M matchup in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, but the Longhorns couldn't get the job done against Northern Iowa, preventing the reunion from occurring.

While the two haven't met on the football field since 2011, before the Aggies' defection to the SEC, there is still plenty of bad blood between the two programs. The range of reactions by A&M fans to the Longhorns' loss fluctuated from annoyance at the fact that the potential matchup was taken away, to happiness and delight in seeing their long-time rivals fall on a buzzer-beating halfcourt shot.

The best reaction of the night, however, came from potential starting Texas A&M quarterback, Jake Hubenak.

Well played, Jake.

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