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Watch Penn State’s 222-pound RB break a program record with a 390-pound power clean

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He also ran the fastest 40-yard dash on the team.

Penn State is full of strong football players. Last year, star defensive tackle Anthony Zettel tackled a tree. This year, running back Saquon Barkley is the program's strongest man, power-cleaning 390 pounds.

That breaks the program record set by Zettel, and what's more impressive is that Barkley is a running back, not a lineman. He's just 5'11, 222 pounds.

Barkley also ran the fastest 40-yard dash on the team, with an unspecified time. That combination of incredible speed and power was on display all of last season, as Barkley rushed for 1,076 yards and seven touchdowns as a freshman in 2015, with 5.9 yards per carry. He did so with runs like this.

Now it looks like Barkley is even faster and stronger. Watch out, Big Ten.