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Hell yeah, look at Jimbo Fisher's truck

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It's the offseason, so I don't have a better headliner for you today than this photo of Jimbo Fisher's Chevy Silverado.

Jimbo's from West Virginia and lives in Tallahassee. Anyway, moving on.

If you really want to know how to shut down top spread offenses, look to the Texas high school champ that did it over and over.

My favorite part of the comments under Ian Boyd's article on the offense Dino Babers hopes to gift Syracuse: "I'm glad you know what kind of offense we were running under Shafer. Because I'm not sure anyone watching had any idea wtf we were going for."

Bill C team of the day: Nevada, which should bounce back, though the question is one of expectations.

Tagged along with Bud Elliott to the Atlanta edition of The Opening, and I can confirm all his notes on the standout Southeastern recruits, not that my confirmation adds anything at all here.


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One argument that Rutgers is good for the Big Ten: look how much the Scarlet Knights have boosted New Jersey recruiting in the conference (at their own expense).

One player surging his way up mock drafts seems to be Oregon's DeForest Buckner, so we had our D-line expert review him.

Mizzou's now two more departures away from seeing half of its 2012 and 2013 signing classes finish their college careers elsewhere.

"Quarterback moves to safety" feels like it's an annual Georgia Tech headline.


Athletes are just different people. They get to roast on each other for things like not quite having a fully defined six pack in this one particular photo.

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