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NFL, if you're sending coaches to college anyway, can we have Pete Carroll back?

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In light of multiple NFL coaches becoming Big Ten coaches, we've ranked all 32 remaining pros by how much we'd like to swipe and install them in college. Wrote your guy Peter Berkes of Seahawks coach Pete Carroll at No. 4, where we imagine him taking over Ohio State:

An effervescent young man at the bright age of 64, Carroll reinvented himself in college once before and revived his flagging career. After incredibly successful runs with USC and the Seahawks, the 1979 Ohio State defensive backs coach returns to the Buckeyes, where he can get a fresh reset on the "WHAT'S YOUR DEAL?" rivalry with Jim Harbaugh.

While Harbaugh's always seemed like the only thing in the world that can really get under Carroll's skin (read this on Carroll, even if you've already read it), he's made for everything else. Look at the worrying over whether Mark Dantonio made the NCAA sad by tweeting about a recruit, and recall Carroll's the coach who was out here dedicating songs to NFL Draft prospects still on the board.

Carroll left his 83-19 USC run just as NCAA waves came crashing down, but surely the Trojans would welcome him back, after spending the interim hiring branches and twigs of his coaching tree.

It's not gonna happen without something bizarre going on -- he makes a reported $8 million -- but we can hope the NFL somehow loses him in the shuffle when Chuck Pagano or whoever takes the job at UConn or wherever.

Speaking of Harbaugh annoying folks, he returned far more fire at Ohio State's athletic director than was served up in the first place. Combine that with his cartoon-mallet retort to a minor Butch Jones tweet, and it's clear the Michigan coach believes in extremely disproportional retaliation.

Bill C team of the day: San Jose State, where all this crootin' has got to pay off at some point. This year?

Mike Gundy says someone better shut down the Longhorn Network, or else all those 2011 Texas message board realignment scenarios will come true.

Per recruits, Georgia's more aggressive and energetic on the trail under Kirby Smart.

To hell with cancer. Auburn's Brodarious Hamm has it and plans to defeat it.

Now that we're friends with Cuba again, it's time to bring back the Bacardi Bowl, or whatever we'd want to call it.

"We are going to steamroll everyone. That's going to happen," Charlie Strong reportedly said of what happens once Texas finally gets its business together.

Seems Mizzou's feeling a little bit of the Coaching Transition Attrition Blues.

LSU tweeted this ...

... so Ryan Nanni made a travelogue.

CROOTIN'! The two biggest commits of Tuesday were four-star defenders to the Big Ten, one to Michigan and one to ... well, hey Northwestern!

"Florida QB commit throws footballs at the beach while hovering over the water on a jetpack." Sure.

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